List of Academic Research Topics

When you enroll in university, faced with coursework and assignments are not the only challenges students have to deal with. At the university level regardless of location, long essays, thesis writing and dissertations are 95% compulsory for students to write before developing. Most students are so overwhelmed and worried about their homework and tests that they lack direction and don’t even know how to pick the best topic for thesis that will also work with their writing style. With Ferdsilinks always ready to help students, we have develop a list of topics across fields to help you.

The Influence of Public Procurement Procedures on the Execution of Contracts in Cameroon

The effects of bank lending on the profitability of commercial banks in Cameroon.

The effect of gender discrimination on the performance of employees. The case of Cameroon Development cooperation

 The extent to which the decentralization policy in the Ministry of Basic Education is being implemented by councils in Cameroon.

The role of accounting information system on the performance of small and medium size enterprises in Buea Municipality.

The effects of loan defaults on the profitability of MFIs in Buea.

The influence of advertising on consumer behaviour.

The effect of mobile money services on the growth and development of small and medium size enterprises

Investigate the comparative impact of e-banking and traditional banking on banks performance.

The effect of goal orientation on the acquisition of reading skills among primary school pupils in Cameroon.

The extent to which the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in organising and disseminating information in academic libraries impact on students’ academic activities

Teacher’s perception of students with dysgraphia and its effect on their academic performance.

Management and Planning of Restituted Land in Buea Sub-Division of the South West Region of Cameroon.

Effects of school culture on job satisfaction and teachers’ commitment.

Principals’ use of ICT in effective administration in public secondary schools.

Effect of induction on employees’ performance the case of telecommunication companies.

Work Life Balance Practices and Employee Performance

The impact of credit risk management on the financial performance of microfinance.

Social media practices and social relations among students of higher institutions in the University of Buea.

The influence of procurement practices on organizational performance: the Case of Brewery Retail Businesses in Buea.

The effect of customer satisfaction on the social performance of microfinance institutions in the Fako Division.

Investigation of inventory management is a significant tool for optimizing profitability in the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC)

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