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Ferdsilinks Foundation STEAM Project is an initiative which seeks to create awareness and promote STEAM Education is an approach to learning and learning at both primary and secondary school levels. STEAM education advocates for creative teaching methods using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking; and not only STEM as others may think ignoring the contribution of Arts.
Our sensitizations emphasize on the importance of teaching and learning approaches that encourage inquiry, curiosity, being able to find solutions to a problem, and being creative in the finding of the solutions. This means that the humanities are woven into STEAM just like everything else. Instead of learners just sitting and listening, after which they are expected to memorize and reproduce for examination purpose, there should be room for questioning and really deep questioning. That’s the foundation of creativity and innovation in both arts and sciences.
By providing your pupils and students with a dynamic learning environment and the freedom to produce their own end product, they will surprise you with how creative they can be; irrespective of the discipline. This approach prepares our students for life in the real-world office place where projects are more open-ended with professional freedom. My students competing in the social media challenge are those who have built their creative ability and self-esteem before now.
Join Ferdsilinks foundation STEAM Project for amazing sensitizations for your pupils/students, teachers, administrators and parents alike. Let’s target the future of our creative society today in a proactive way. What makes a great Educational Establishment/School is the quality of graduates and not the structures. Invest in your teachers and learners and contribute to the building of the innovative and technological Cameroon that we all desire (DIGITALL).

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