Our activities include

Sensitization campaigns to secondary and higher institutions of learning (Operation More Girls in STEM):
We visit schools and universities across Cameroon to raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of pursuing STEM careers, especially data science. We showcase inspiring role models, share success stories, and provide guidance on how to prepare for data science education and careers.

Podcast discussions with women practitioners in digital technology and data science:
We host regular podcast episodes where we interview women who are working or studying in digital technology and data science fields. We discuss their backgrounds, motivations, challenges, achievements, advice, and future plans. We also answer questions from our listeners who want to learn more about data science or join our network.

Workshops and conferences with Lightning Talks:
We organize workshops and conferences where we invite experts from various domains to share their knowledge and experience on different aspects of data science such as tools, techniques, applications, ethics, etc. We also encourage our members to present their own projects or research findings in short Lightning Talks that showcase their skills and creativity.

Training opportunities for girls in the field of digital technology and data science at reduced cost:
We partner with local and international organizations to offer training courses and certifications for girls who want to learn or improve their skills in digital technology and data science. We provide scholarships, mentorship, and support for our trainees to help them succeed in their learning journey.

Mentorship of girls aspiring to grow their careers in digital technology and data science:
We match our members with mentors who are experienced professionals or academics in digital technology and data science fields. Our mentors provide guidance, feedback, encouragement, and networking opportunities for our mentees who want to advance their careers or pursue higher education in data science.

Networking and solicitation of internship and job opportunities for women in data science:
We connect our members with potential employers, partners, or collaborators who are looking for talented and motivated women in data science. We also help our members prepare for interviews, resumes, portfolios, or proposals that can increase their chances of landing their dream jobs or projects in data science.

Education of data scientists on ethical practices in research and data science:
We promote ethical standards and best practices in research and data science among our members and the wider community. We educate ourselves and others on how to conduct responsible and trustworthy research or analysis using data, how to protect privacy or security of personal or sensitive information, how to avoid bias or discrimination using algorithms, how to communicate results clearly or accurately etc.

Basic computer training for teenage girls/boys:
We offer basic computer literacy courses for teenage girls/boys who have limited access or exposure to computers or internet. We teach them how to use common software applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentations etc., how to browse or search online resources safely etc., how to create simple websites or blogs etc., how they can use computers for learning or fun etc.

Data competitions:
Data competitions are sessions for youths to learn best practices, accrue feedback on their work, and augment their skills. They can also serve as a channel for problem-solving and brainstorming by probing the multitude of crowdsourced solutions to big problems.