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Our Vision

To help people and businesses attain their full potential through recognition and use of data

Our Mission

Removing barriers for individuals and businesses to access and use data by facilitating data collection, storage, treatment and analysis, through outsourcing and/or training.

Our Core Values

We respect all stakeholders of Ferdsilinks. We strife to exceed our customer's expectations. We go the extra mile for standard and timely delivery. We have an integrity to protect.

About Ferdsilinks

Ferdsilinks is a data oriented company established since 2015 with a vision to help  individuals and organisations harness the power of data and using insights from analysis to make data driven decisions. We empower individuals and  organisation to make data driven decisions by reducing guesses and adding data to experience

Our Team!
A committed passionate team of experts working around the clock to make sure that our customers get the best contacts, information, business management and marketing talent, which they need to become more profitable, better informed and competitive for all their business cycle.

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What we Offer

Academic Research Paper
Academic Research Paper Writing Services

Core Services

Data Analysis

Academic Research Assistance

Data Analysis Training

Market Research

Machine Learning and Data Science Services

Others academic Services

 PhD thesis Review, conference papers, journal paper, plagiarism check,  data collection, data analysis, content re-writing, research instrument design, proof reading, formatting, power point presentation design, printing and binding.

Hire us today for  Market Research Service.

We help business improve their decision making with the data: We assist in interviews, focus group discussions, onsite surveys, telephone surveys, web surveys, direct mail surveys and secondary market research.

market research
Market Research Services
Hour of Work
Hour of Work
Take an Academic or Professional Course with us.

Lean How to analysis Data with Us by enrolling into one of our courses

Data Analysis with SPSS, Excel, Python and Tableau


Ferdsilinks Promises TO You

Guaranteed Privacy
  • We do not and will never release your private details to anyone or organisation. All information submitted to us is treated as highly confidential.
Plagiarism Free Content

One of the most painful point in the research process is having your work rejected at the level of submission due to plagiarism. We offer you original content, free from plagiarism. Hire us today

Timely Delivery

Our diligent hands go the extra miles to ensure that we beat your deadline. We do not fail.

Quality Delivery

We do have an integrity to protect,which leaves us with no other apart from ensuring quality delivery. Speak to the expert

What People Say

Dr.Massa Ernest
Dr. Massa Ernest


Ferdsilinks is an idle enterprise that I have seen and enjoyed her services. Customer service at Ferdsilinks is exceptional and compare to none in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. I see Ferdsilinks going international because of its selfless services rendered to the public, be it rain or sun. Ferdsilinks has a man Power that can be described as: 1. Flexible 2. Dedicated team Builders 3. Gives feedback 4. Know how to listen 5. Foster a great employee experience I always feel at home whenever I visit Ferdsilinks in Buea. Keep on keeping on Ferdsilinks

An alumni
Ndong Nelson Peng


Improving my skills in Data Analysis has always been my dream. The Data Analysis Training Program offered by Ferdsilinks gave me the great opportunity to achieve this dream. During this program, I came to understand a lot as data analysis is concerned, without any barrier as it has given me skills and a career to get into programs and fields I had never dream of. Now I got skills to analyze data even above my level of education. Before I could complete the training or get certification, I was already seeing myself as a consultant. I will forever be grateful to Ferdsilinks Foundation for this program. I see my self excelling today in Research Assistance and Data Analysis and I owe it all to Ferdsilinks Foundation. Ferdsilinks always got my back in case of any difficulty.